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The electric light bulb was invented in the 19th century, yet here we are in the 21st with over 600 million people in Africa forced to light their homes with dangerous, outdated, technologies such as candles and kerosene lamps. This is unacceptable for so many reasons. This site is all how the pico-solar revolution is changing the situation.

Harnessing the Sun to Keep the Lights on

The Sierra Club and the Center for American Progress (CAP)  have just launched the world premiere of their video series, “Harnessing the Sun to Keep the Lights on in India.”

With 400 million people lacking access to electricity in India, off grid solar is presented as a key solution. Just as mobile phones have leapfrogged the need to extend landline phone networks across India, solar is set to leapfrog grid electricity to meet some of the immediate energy needs of this vast off grid population.

Sierra Sun Video

This video is part of a series which documents the health, economic, and environmental benefits to local communities living in Uttar Pradesh, India, a rural, low-income, off-the-electric-grid region that is rapidly becoming a hotbed of solar activity.



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