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The electric light bulb was invented in the 19th century, yet here we are in the 21st with over 600 million people in Africa forced to light their homes with dangerous, outdated, technologies such as candles and kerosene lamps. This is unacceptable for so many reasons. This site is all how the pico-solar revolution is changing the situation.

Plan to donate 2 million solar systems in Kenya has got people worried. So tell us more!

I read with interest about SkyPower’s plans to donate 2 million pico-solar systems to Kenyans. I will be fascinated to hear how this will be administered and consider the actual details of what is planned. There are a lot of people worried about this. Here’s why:

Donating large volumes of product into a growing market could really harm a market which is trying to serve people.

It’s clear that companies, entrepreneurs, social enterprises and many more across the sector are worried.  Have a read of Dan Tomlinson‘s well written piece here which lists the concerns, as well as SolarAid’s initial take here.

I am sure SkyPower must be aware of these risks. So I’d like to hear what their response is to a concerned sector.  As Dan Tomlinson says ‘Many beyond-the-grid companies and organizations might like to partner with SkyPower to support their objectives for energy access.’ 

For me that’s the key. Working and engaging with the sector on this is surely the sensible next move on this issue. We all want to increase energy access. None of us want people living in off grid areas to continue living without access to electricity and paying more for power than people connected to the grid. Some Pay As You Go Systems do a good job of overcoming the financial barriers to energy access. Carefully managed subsidy programmes and cuts in VAT for solar solutions can also increase access.

I’d like to believe we have common goals. Let’s work together on the solutions.


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