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The electric light bulb was invented in the 19th century, yet here we are in the 21st with over 600 million people in Africa forced to light their homes with dangerous, outdated, technologies such as candles and kerosene lamps. This is unacceptable for so many reasons. This site is all how the pico-solar revolution is changing the situation.

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4th International Off-Grid Lighting Conference

October 23, 2015

Get yourself to Dubai next week for the 4th International Off-Grid Lighting Conference and Exhibition! The place to be for the off-grid solar industry. Advertisements


September 16, 2015

So it says something about me when I can honestly say I had no idea who Raghav, Abhishek Bachlan and Nelly were until I googled them….But, when I did, wow… Fantastic to see such big artists highlighting the fact that 1.3 billion people have no access to electricity. Raghav and his crew visited our team […]

Join today’s Live Q&A: How can we reach 100% renewable?

September 3, 2015

Do join me and a panel of experts for The Guardian‘s Live Q&A session on ‘How can we reach 100% renewables,’ today between 1-3pm (UK time). Based in Kenya, I’ll be looking at this from the perspective of Off Grid Africa, where there are over 600 million people living without access to electricity. Click here […]

Akon on the importance of electricity in Africa

September 1, 2015

‘You can’t build a real economy without electricity’ Also: Watch Obama take the time to look at pioneering solar solutions in Kenya

Plan to donate 2 million solar systems in Kenya has got people worried. So tell us more!

August 27, 2015

I read with interest about SkyPower’s plans to donate 2 million pico-solar systems to Kenyans. I will be fascinated to hear how this will be administered and consider the actual details of what is planned. There are a lot of people worried about this. Here’s why: Donating large volumes of product into a growing market […]

Watch Obama take the time to look at some pioneering solar solutions in Africa

July 30, 2015

Great to see President Obama taking the time to look at some of the pioneering solar solutions which have been developed to serve markets in Africa during his visit to Kenya. If you’ve not seen it already, you can click the photo below to see him taking a look at a new low cost solar […]

Double Your Money and Be Amazing!

November 11, 2014

The UK government has just committed to DOUBLING all donations you make to SolarAid between now and 5th February! So if you want to help us bring a wholly unacceptable situation to an end… the days where hundreds of millions of people living across Africa are forced to burn candles and kerosene for some basic evening light (think […]

20% off my Pico-Solar Book!

September 30, 2014

Hi folks, If you’ve not seen it yet, check out my new book, ‘Pico-solar Electric Systems: The Earthscan Expert Guide to the Technology and Emerging market‘ and get 20% off with this discount code: DC361 (Just click on the photo) The book is designed to provide useful information to a wide range of readers, such as: Industry professionals […]

Hillary Clinton’s call to action on the challenge of Energy Poverty

September 25, 2014

This is too exciting not to post. (Fast forward to the 50th Minute of the video!) Hillary Clinton issues a call to action at the Clinton Global Initiative on ‘The challenge of Energy Poverty.’ She explains that lack of access to electricity has ‘Profound consequences on Health, Education and Economic Development.’ ‘With over 1.3 billion people without […]

5 Reasons to Kill Off Kerosene Lamps

September 25, 2014

1. Kerosene lamps trap families in poverty. 2. Kerosene lamps prevent children from learning. 3. Kerosene lamps fill homes with toxic fumes that cause respiratory disease. 4. Kerosene is low-hanging fruit in the fight against climate change. 5. Because we can, now. Read the whole article from SolarAid’s CEO, Andrew Webb, in the Huffington Post […]